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All content on this site is Copyright 1999-2008 David John Earls and Yves Peters, with all rights reserved.

About the site

The website is an eternally evolving not-for-profit typography project.

During its fifth and current phase, it is a joint project between David and Yves Peters – David providing the bulk of news items and in the role of publisher, with Yves writing comprehensive reviews of the cream of recent typeface releases in his Bald Condensed column.


David Earls is a Brighton-based graphic designer with over 15 years industry experience across print, web and television. He sometimes designs typefaces for his own enjoyment, but considers himself a typographer rather than a typeface designer. He founded the site in 1999 in the hope it should provide fiercely independent voice on the web, with honesty, impartiality and independence of funding at its core. David is a published author on typography, with his book, Designing Typefaces, published in hard and softback by Rotovision.

David can't believe how much patience Yves Peters has, and how he has an amazing ability to travel back in time to post to Unzipped. Ahem.


Regular columnist Yves Peters joined in 2005, where he writes a column critiquing recent typeface releases.
Yves is a [typo]graphic designer, rock drummer and father of three, whose only claims to fame are a month's training at FSI/MetaDesign Berlin and a three-year stint as type expert/technical advisor at the Belgian FontShop franchise. He joined the Typophile community in 2002, where he currently moderates the Type Identification Board.

Besides writing for, Yves edits Unzipped – his blog for FontShop Benelux – and makes occasional contributions to Typographica and The FontFeed. His talent for being able to identify most typefaces on sight is utterly useless in daily life.

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